Wednesday, September 24, 2008

say that you remember dancing in september

I have an infection in a weird part of my body --no, not my cooch--and dealing with it underscored why I hate taking prescription medication. I know to take probiotics to keep from getting a yeast infection while taking antibios, but I didn’t realize I was going to end up with a horrific earache and a sore throat. Sigh. Never fails. The pills cause more problems than they solve. And I’m half way through my second script, and I still haven’t cleared up the original infection. Keep your fingers crossed.

I watched “Definitely, Maybe” last night. It’s the Ryan Reynold’s movie featuring Abigail Breslin. He tells his daughter the story of how he met her mother. It was an hour and 52 minutes long. (Not a good sign when the first thing I mention is how long the movie was.) It started out EXCRUCIATINGLY slow--hence the mentioning of the time---and it took good 45 minutes before I began to get interested. Several times I debated whether or not I wanted to just send the damn thing back unfinished, but I gutted it out. Much like one guts out a root canal.

I saw Bill Clinton on The Daily Show last night and I have to say, of all the Presidents I’ve known in my lifetime, he seems like the one who I could sit down with and spend time just shooting the shit. He seems really approachable and friendly. When I was little, my mother’s unmarried brother used to visit. He would have been in his 40’s/50’s at the time and he always made me feel uncomfortable. I think because he felt uncomfortable around children. But there would always be that time when my parents left the room and I’d be stuck alone with him. Mostly I spent that time silently begging God for my parent’s quick return. That’s how I think spending time with John McCain would be: uncomfortable and icky. And Obama seems rather snooty. I don’t trust guys who never wear worn out jeans.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, I think he had an excellent idea concerning the financial bailout. He said that in lieu of the gub’ment using taxpayer’s money, it should be loaned with interest and the people should get some of that interest back. He also said that all the home mortgages should be reviewed and rewritten so that people could afford them, not just foreclosed. I like that idea. Give the people a chance to save their homes.

Love how Bernanke says that a recession is likely if they don’t agree to a bailout. What the hell do you call what we’re in right now?

I can always tell when I’m watching an old, old episode of King of Queens. Carrie is really sweet and loving. In the later years, she was a raving bitch.

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BBC said...

We can't bail out anything, the greed has gotten too great and it all must topple before it can be fixed again.

All I can do is set myself up the best I can to weather it, and I have done that.

Yeah, I could sit and chat with Clinton also. On a beach with a few beers would be nice.

I've taken very little prescription medications over the years, just a few pain pills at times is all, and not for long.

Good genes I guess. Have an appointment a doctor this morning to see about getting this hernia fixed, but that isn't any big deal these days. Just an in and out thing.

I hope that she is a cute little monkey so I can have some fun with her.