Tuesday, September 30, 2008

run, fatboy, run

I saw, "Run, Fatboy, Run" and while I thought it was pretty standard fare, this is one of the best quotes I've ever heard. It addresses the media and how the always seem to ask the obvious. To set it up, Simon Pegg's character, Dennis has always been a quitter. He left his fiancee at the altar and now that she's ready to move on with Hank Azaria's character, Whit, Dennis has suddenly decided he wants her back. In a bold move, Dennis announces that he, too, will run a marathon along with Whit to prove he has, in fact, changed. At the beginning of the run, Whit trips Dennis and they both go down. Dennis ends up with a twisted ankle but decides that he can't let it stop him from finishing the race. Long after everyone has finished he is still running and suddenly gets the attention of the news media who race to the scene to interview him as he continues to struggle his way to the finish line.
News reporter: “The loneliness of the long-distance runner: a phrase epitomized by this man, Dennis Doyle. For the last eleven miles, he’s been running on what appears to be a severely sprained ankle. What a testament to the power of the human spirit. Mr. Doyle, how do you feel?”
Dennis: “How the fuck do you think I feel?”
News reporter: “What an inspiration.”

From Real Stories of the Highway Patrol: "The #1 way to avoid a car jacking is to stay alert."
I thought it was "always drive a clunker....."

You can't read one of those identity theft articles without someone including the tip to put your bills in a public dropbox instead of your private mailbox where it might be stolen during the day. And YET the damn post office keeps taking the boxes away. We used to have four in our area, now we're down to ONE. I had to drive around for half an hour today because the mailman went before I could mail my credit card bill. I usually hand it to him if I'm off because he comes right past the house, but I slept in this morning.


Mushy said...

Thought you were talking about me until I read the rest! Thank you for not!

BBC said...

Hard to avoid commercials when they're in every show ya watch.

Duh !! Don't watch the shows you silly girl. Go set up a garden or something.

*Goddess* said...

A. I already have a garden and
B. I work 57 hours a week. I need to have an outlet besides walking and writing.