Friday, September 12, 2008

keep your fingers crossed!!!

I actually managed to grow four sunflowers this year. (Sunflowers & Lilacs are my FAVORITES,:) But while everyone else's are either in full bloom or dying stage, mine are just now getting the flower on them. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSSED!! I hope it doesn't get too cold before they have a chance to bloom:(


BBC said...

A good way to kill a plant is to ask me to raise it, ha, ha, ha.

Except for that bastard of an apple tree out there that mocks me every time I cut it back big time.

It just comes back as big as ever, bigger this year it seems. Would you happen to have a chainsaw I can borrow?

At least take some of these frigging apples away.

*Goddess* said...

We have two apples trees in our front yard and the one didn't have a single apple on it this year. Amen. I told my husband if either fall down we are SO not planting fruit trees. They're a PITA when it comes time to mow the grass.