Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's bricked up in my head, it's shoved under my bed and I question myself again: what is it 'bout men?

It wasn't a very good day today. I went to McDonald's to get some iced tea before work and DWACOM (dude with a crush on me) was working the drive thru window. He said, "I knew that was you as soon as I heard your voice. I haven't seen you for a few days." I said, "I've been here." Notice how I dazzle the men with my exciting conversation? Actually, I had gone inside a few days, instead of through the drive thru. I realized that I'm only comfortable in the company of men I know are not attracted to me. The minute I think they're interested in me or think I'm attractive, I go out of my way to avoid them because they make me edgy and uncomfortable. That depressed me. I mean, how fucked up is that?

Then I stopped at the hospital and my dad was in a LOUSY mood. I was trying to feed him and he was yelling at me. Doesn't matter how old I am, I'm still that little kid who hates getting yelled at by her dad. Sigh. Men. Uber confusing. And depressing.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"I'm still that little kid who hates getting yelled at by her dad."
Oh, grow up.:)

We had to feed my Dad his last few months. One time it was my turn, and he was bitching something awful. All of a sudden, it hit me - "Dad, if you don't shut up, you're going to bed without your supper!!" He was so astounded he never said another word and Mom laughed until she cried!:)

*Goddess* said...

LOL! Hey, it's different with GUYS and Dads. Weird thing is I work with the elderly and their snapping doesn't bother me in the least, but HIS does.