Friday, September 26, 2008

I received some catalogs in with a clothing order I placed and one of them was for "King Size" clothing for men. Sweet, huh? Used to be call "big and portly" now they're KING size. Beats "fatty fatty bo-blattty" size, I guess. Manufacturers for clothing for bigger women know better. They just call them "women's sizes" because they know anything else will piss the females off. Personally, I think "Chics and Chunky" would make a great name for a women's clothing company.

I was a little spooked Wednesday night when I was walking. I prefer to go around 7ish, meaning that it's getting dark by the time I finish. I was walking up the street on my last time around when a truck pulled off to the side of the road several feet ahead of me and just sat there until I passed. Then as I rounded the corner, it pulled away slowly. Gave me the creeps because it was dark enough that I couldn't see the occupant(s). And there was no one around, so there was really no reason for them to be sitting there. So instead of finishing up around 7:45, I went earlier and finished at 7:30. Problem is I enjoy walking in the dark because there's no one around and I can just listen to my music, zone out and release the stress of the day.

Great article on wacky kid's shows. I just wonder why H.R. PufnStuff didn't make the cut. I remember The Banana Splits, The Osmonds, and The Wuzzles, but not the rest. I love what they had to say about The Wuzzles and the Osmond's ginormous heads...LOL! I think their teeth were as big as their heads in this show...and in real life.

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BRUNO said...

Naw, the King-Size catalog ain't nothin' NEW---it's been around for many years. About the only place a fella can get clothing that fits comfortably, for the larger than "normal" man. Wally-World sure as hell doesn't offer any solutions, at least not around here.

And the Big & Tall mens' shops? Yeah, RIGHT---the nearest one to ME is a 65-mile drive, and deal only in "casual-formal-dress", as they like to call it now. Think I'll order, instead...!