Tuesday, September 23, 2008

don't look down, girl, you know you're holding aces

What a stellar gal Sara Palin is. When she was mayor, women of the town who were raped had to pay for their own rape kits. Nothing like adding insult to injury.

I was in the kitchen at work and my boss was in another room watching The Price is Right. All of a sudden, I heard her yelling “Oh! Ooooh! Oh!” and it sounded like she was in pain. I thought, “OMG! She’s having a heart attack.” I ran into the living room and she said, “You should have seen the big fat lady they just called to come down and play.” Shaved ten years off my life.

I was watching a movie this afternoon, and I love how people rush into the hospital, run up to the first doctor they see and he/she just so happens to be the doctor who took care of their loved one. UNLIKE real life, where you rush into the hospital and sit for several hours before anyone will answer any of your questions.

Speaking of movies, I saw one on Lifetime--the psycho women’s channel--and the guy in the movie went psycho, which is strange. Usually the woman goes psycho and stalkerish. I must admit, it was rather refreshing to see a guy flip out for once. The movies are so predictable though. The couple feared the guy was going to come after them, so the husband says, “Let’s get away for a while.” And the wife said, “Where will we go?” I said, “To a house in a remote location, of course. Preferably deep in the woods. Extra points if there are no cell towers in the area!” Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.


BBC said...

When she was mayor, women of the town who were raped had to pay for their own rape kits.

What in the heck is a rape kit??

I would think a rape kit would be a gun to blow the fucker away that was trying to rape her in the first place.

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, I wish. Instead it's what they use to take "samples" from the woman's body at the hospital.