Thursday, September 11, 2008

a dawg with lipstick indeed

She DOES have experience! As a liar....

She also has a problem with ethics. As in, a lack thereof.

Dick Cheney said he sees no reason why Sara Palin wouldn’t make a good VP. Hell, as long as she manages not to shoot her friend in the face, she’s done a better job than he has. I bet right about now Palin’s sorry she didn’t run for President.

While I’m on the subject of politics, I was listening to CNN yesterday and they were asking people about Palin and McCain. One guy calls in and says, “I think the reason people identify more with Sara Palin is because McCain is older than most people. He’s really old.” LOL! Guess he’s never heard of Baby Boomers.


BRUNO said...

"...because he's older than most people...!"

Yep. Gotta love the person who thinks a baby-boomer is just a small fart.......!

(Wonder where this "youngster" thinks HE came from? Guess his daddy was an eyedropper, and his mother a petrie-dish...???)

sauerkraut said...

hey, stumbled in and noticed you gave me some linky love!

muchas gracias, chica.

made my day.

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, you have a great site, SK. Thanks for all the political info:)