Monday, September 01, 2008

bottoms up!

Because I actually had a holiday off today--YAY!--Mr. G and I went to Ryan's for lunch. It kinda cheeses me off when a waitress only has two jobs--bringing drink refills and rolls--and we have to chase her down to do so.

The only time we saw our waitress was when we asked another waitress to get her half way through our meals so we could get drink refills and when we were leaving because she was sitting another couple in her station. She can't even say her lack of service was due to the fact that she was busy because it was only Mr. G and I and another couple in her station the entire time. She was hanging around the cash register trying to get folks into her booths. Mr. G said, "Maybe she could wait on the people she already has?!"

In contrast, there was a waiter in the area next to us, Matt, and he was so damn attentive I wanted to give him a tip and he wasn't even our waiter!

This is the second time this has happened to us lately. We went to Ryan's about two weeks back and again had to chase the waitress down for drink refills.

End result: crappy tip.

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BBC said...

I don't eat out much, it's much cheaper to eat at home and I like my own cooking anyway.

But when I take Helen into town she likes to go to the Cornerhouse Cafe, it's okay, clean, reasonably priced, and the service is always good.