Tuesday, September 02, 2008

# 1 chick when I step out on the scene

The media seriously needs to lay off female celebs and their weight gain during pregnancy. It's bad enough that they dog them when they're not pregnant, but to hound them during pregnancy when gaining weight is a sure fire thing, is down right despicable.

I feel sorry for these women because they can't win. They're either too fat or too thin. No wonder so many young women have eating disorders.

Pregnancy is a time when women shouldn't have to watch every damn calorie they put in their mouth. Working the weight off will come soon enough. Women are already uncomfortable during pregnancy. They don't need the Weight Police following their every move.

The press dogged Lisa Marie and now they're after Ashley Simpson, monitoring her weight gain, saying it is "right on target". Who the hell are they to decide what these women should or should not be gaining? Suddenly everybody's a well qualified obstetrician.

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