Thursday, August 28, 2008

when i grow up i wanna be famous, i wanna be a star

My mother never really cared who we married or what his job, just THAT we married and that his job paid well enough to keep us out of her house for life. However, my gf’s mother is adamant that she marry a doctor. I've heard that a lot of Jewish moms want their daughters to marry doctors, but I’ve never quite understood that.

If it’s because of the money, there are other professions in which guys make more money than doctors, like rock stars or pro-ball players. But I never hear mothers saying, “Gawd, I hope my daughter marries Keith Richards!”

Doctors work long hours, so you’re pretty much raising the kids on your own. He could cheat on you, and you’d never know it because his schedule is so erratic. But more importantly, nobody knows how to get rid of their spouse, while leaving no clues, better than a doctor. One minute he’s caring and concerned, “Honey, let me give you something for that headache,” and the next minute you’ve gone all Sunny Von Bulow on the world. No thanks.

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