Friday, August 08, 2008

weird news

Can't any of these assholes stay faithful? And why is that they always profess their undying love for their wife in the same breath? I guess we're supposed to be comforted by the fact that his wife's cancer was in remission when he started the affair. Weeeeee! Way to show your support. What really gags me is the way they continue to deny it knowing damn well the truth will come to light.

Next up, Grandma takes her grandchild for a way cool spin in the rinse cycle!

$50,000 worth of sex toys were "accidentally" destroyed at the Houston PD? Uh huh, sure they were. "Pass the penis pump, will ya, Sarge?"

1 comment:

BBC said...

Ah, it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

Missing sex toys, hey, cops need sex toys also, ha, ha, ha.