Thursday, August 07, 2008

view from my back

I took Holly for a walk yesterday morning and came home and laid in the yard under the trees with her while we cooled down.

I looked up and snapped a pic of this branch hanging high above my head.

Then I thought, "Damn. Hope that thing doesn't snap off and come crashing down on me."

Yep, that's me. Mizz "Glass is Half Empty, Not To Mention Cracked"...


BRUNO said...

Got a BUNCH of those left around here from last seasons' ice storm. Most of mine have already turned brown, as in dead.

Ironically, they like "stoplights"---they don't LOOK that BIG, up there. But ya' get 'em on the ground, and they look as big as your car! Same way with these "widow-maker" limbs---a TREE in themselves, when they're on the way down...!

BBC said...

I sat under my monster of an apple tree in the shade the other day and didn't give it second thought.

Or was that branch so big and heavy that it could have killed you? If not, no worries.

If it did fall and beat you up a bit you will heal. And then you can beat the shit out of the branch, ha, ha, ha.