Tuesday, August 26, 2008

private eyes are watching you

I was flipping channels and saw some of The Parkers. I always have to laugh when I see that show. Poor Jenna Van Oy is the token white person in the cast.

Ooooo, new cop show on the horizon. The cop gods have answered my prayers! MTV will premiere Busted on Monday at 6 p.m. From the previews, it looks a lot like COPS meets Speeders meets people drunk off their asses.

I can't believe some of the stupid shit I read on the internet. One chick was talking about Down Syndrome babies and she said they happen because "Catholic women insist on squirting out kids way into their 40's". Hey, dumbass, ANYONE can have a baby with Downs and 80% of the babies born with Downs are born to women UNDER 35. It's about chromosomes, not religion.

An Italian priest has started an online beauty contest for nuns to fight their “old and dour stereotypes.” Word is they’re bringing in porn chicks as ringers. Har har har. They’d need to if any of my old nun teachers were alive to compete. Yuck.
Love this line from the article, “The contest drew criticism from the association of Catholic teachers.” Of course, it did. EVERYTHING draws criticism from Catholics.

Someone named "Mike" sent me an invite to join My Jesus Nexus. Obviously "Mike" doesn't know me very well. I hate Jesus. Jesus Gonzalez, that is, and I'm assuming that little rat bastard is behind My Jesus Nexus. In the past, Jesus has said HORRIBLE things to me like, "Dubba wide, dubba wide, can't get your fat ass down the slide," when I couldn't get down the slip 'n slide. The pain I feel when I think about those words is so intense that it feels like just yesterday. When in fact, it was Saturday. 6 year olds can be so mean!

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BRUNO said...

In re: to "online beauty contest for nuns"...it's just another of their bad habits....!(HA!!! Beat somebody to it this time...!)