Tuesday, August 05, 2008

now I know how Bruno feels

For several months now, this Lab has been coming to our house on a regular basis looking for food. I feel really bad for her because she eats like she's starving, although she has tags. I swear we can put out four plates and she gobbles them down in seconds.

I fed her today and I guess I didn't give her enough because she laid down in the yard and waited for Mr. G to come home from work. I guess he's more generous in his portion sizes than I am:)


Mushy said...

Labs are like that...they'll eat all over the neighborhood and let the flies have their own vittles! 'Lest that's how Baylee is.

BRUNO said...

I DO NOT go from house-to-house begging! I do the same thing my neighbors' two labs do when they show-up each day: I sit around with my dick stuck-out catchin' gnats, and wait for handouts AT HOME...!!!

(And damned if it doesn't work, too!)

*Goddess* said...

LOL! You know "doggone" well what I was talkin' about:)

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I knew all along!

Now, where's my damned treat...???