Tuesday, August 05, 2008

money changes everything

One of the health sites I read posted an article called "Warren Buffet's 7 Secrets for Living a Happy & Simple Life" and they noted that "amazingly not one of them has anything to do with money". I don't mean to be a buzz kill, but of course, none of them had anything to do with money, because Buffet is a billionaire. It's never an issue for those who have it. Take away his money to where he's struggling week to week to pay his bills, and THEN ask for the secrets to living a happy life and see if they're still the same for him.

And I love this article about Crocs. I hate these "shoes," too, and they remind me of that shameful "Jellies" fad from the 80's. Their big selling point was that they could be purchased for $1 a pair. Sadly, even at a dollar they were way overpriced. They offered no arch support, thus murdering your lower back and God knows they were as uncomfortable as you could get on the rest of your foot. The plastic pinched at each twist and turn and I applaud the person who was able to sucker so many into buying such inferior footwear.

Flashpoint is continuing to get good ratings, despite the schedule moves. Let's hope CBS leaves it alone.

Why do people get so upset about stories like this in which a couple misplaced their kid at the airport? Shit happens. Sometime you might be in Victoria's Secret looking at a Christmas velvet red bra with white feathers and be so excited by it that you're halfway home before you think, "Hmm, didn't I take a kid with me to the mall?" NO BIG DEAL, PEOPLE!!


BRUNO said...


You just stick with your "current" wear, over there on that avitar! We'll find you somethin' for winter, when the time comes....!!!

Anonymous said...

Crocs are the ugliest shoe ever created. I don't care how comfortable everyone says they are. I'd rather stick with normal shoes that aren't plastic.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Unless you don't go back....:)

*Goddess* said...

Unless you don't go back....:)

Wait. That's an option???