Thursday, August 28, 2008

it's about time, it's about space, it's about time to slap South's face

When I first bought my sweet little laptop, I posted that I had gotten three hours of battery life. Of course, South informed me that I was incorrect. He seemed to think I got two at best. So a few months ago, I bought a brand new battery and just started using it yesterday. I checked the battery life and it said, “3 hours and 15 minutes.” I’m like, “IN YOUR FACE, SOUTH!! So I start to write him an email not twenty seconds later, and I check the battery time to quote it exactly correct and it read “2 hours and 22 minutes.” A few minutes later I checked it again and got “4 hours and 35 minutes.” Then “3 hours and 28 minutes”. This afternoon it read “4 hours and 1 minute.“ All for “fully charged.“ Right now at 99%, I have “three hours and 12 minutes.“ WTF?!


BBC said...

I guess it is delusional.

My laptop is ancient, I haven't turned it on for about three years. Kept it on the boat when I owned it.

At home I still prefer a big butt kicking desktop.

Stacey said...

15 ways to extend your laptop battery life:

BBC, if you kept your laptop on your boat and you trolled around the waterways with it onboard, and you haven't turned it on in three years, I doubt the machine is of much use now. The salt from the water and air has a way of getting into laptops and eroding the inner guts. I would be surprised if the hinges moved at all so you could life the lid at this point.