Saturday, August 16, 2008

hee haw! we's on tv, paw!

If you’re bored or depressed and feeling life just isn’t worth living, you have to watch the show “Outsiders Inn” on the CMT. I caught it by accident on Friday night, and let’s just say that after watching it, my faith in inferior quality tv programming has been renewed. Outsiders Inn is a "scripted reality show". Yeah, as if they're not all scripted.

Let the dumbening begin.

“Outside Inn” is sooooooooooo bad that you will laugh your ass off. It stars--and I use that word lightly--three reality show rejects, Bobby Brown, Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson. Throw in three of the “locals,“ give them an asinine script that makes them out to be as stupid and hickish as possible, and it’s obvious that some people will do anything for money. And I thought prostitution was sad. I would liken "Outsiders Inn" to your local high school's theater department production of "Lil' Abner". Every bit as high quality.

I hope the people of Cocke Country, Tennessee have a good sense of humor because they come off as slack jawed yokels times ten.

I guess I shouldn’t make fun of them, because it’s obvious that CMT is devoted to quality programming. They’re not putting Tom Arnold in charge of the “Biggest Redneck Wedding Ever” for nuttin‘.

My spidey senses tell me these two should not marry...but probably will anyway.

Like these idiots did.... Love means never having to say, "Where's that damn restraining ordered again?"

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