I was sooooo thrilled to see people picketing the premiere of “Tropical Thunder” because of the flagrant use of the word “retard” in the movie. The word ‘retard’ is every bit as offensive to people with Down’s Syndrome as the word “nigger” is to African Americans, and it angers me that it’s used so frequently today. Ben Stiller’s comment that they “never meant to offend anyone” is ludicrous. Of course, they meant to offend. When writers can’t write genuine humor, they depend on cheap laughs through vulgarity and offensiveness.

I don’t know which of these two I find funnier: John Edwards qualifying his relationship with Rielle Hunter by saying it didn’t happen until after his wife’s cancer was in remission OR Hunter saying of Edwards’ wife, “She does not give off good energy. She did not make eye contact with me.” Yes, I’m sure a woman who trespasses on another woman’s marriage is concerned with surrounding herself with people who give off “good energy”. Of course, she didn’t give off “good energy,” ya ass. Women know when other women are after their man.

I have to hand it to Lisa Marie for blasting the media for saying she’s fat, but come on, anyone who has been pregnant knows those Marie Clare photos were air brushed to the max.

I think the dialogue on the old show, “Just Shoot Me” was so well written. I loved this line from today’s show when a Fed showed up on Nina’s doorstep:
Agent: “I’m Special Agent Morris.”
Nina: “Well, someone thinks highly of themselves.”