Thursday, August 14, 2008

dare you to touch one

I saw part of an interesting report on the Today Show concerning the pimping of Coke in China. The guy from Coke explained how they were trying to hook more Chinese people into drinking Coke. He said first they made it available to them, then through advertising would "teach" the people "how to use Coke," their main going being to "get them in the habit" of drinking it every day. He went on to say that millions in America drink Coke for breakfast. They've "taught" us well. Amazing what a science it is selling us products and convincing us we need them.

Never fails. I cut a pretty good sized gash on the top of my finger the other day and while I kept it wrapped the first 24 hours, Grandma used to tell us that cuts heal faster when they get air. So I took the band-aids off and I’m telling you, I must have smacked that finger in that exact spot about 85 times since then. Oy.

I love the new “Cheat on Beef: commercials fro Burger King. I love the one where the guy goes to a motel, closes all the curtains and eats a bacon burger in secret. All of a sudden someone is trying to open the door and a cow kicks it down, and the guy‘s like, “I‘m sorry!” LOL!

TruTv as a new reality--I’m sorry, not reality, “actuality”--show coming on called “The Principal’s Office.” Oh, just what we need. An “actuality” show with teenage drama, because as we know, EVERYTHING with teenagers is ‘drama’.

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BRUNO said...

I like the newest BK commercial, too. A lot better than the fella gettin' bitch-slapped because he "just wanted one!"

I wouldn't piss in the rain for a BK double.

Now, a SONIC? Yeah, I would!

But only after midnight...!