Thursday, July 17, 2008

you make me feel like dancing

I see other people are googling for the instructions for loading MP3's into their Vivitar DVR545, so I'll post them here. Thanks, Vivitar, for NOT covering this in your instruction booklet.
And I'll post them in much simpler terms than you'd get from Vivitar, whose email left out the most important piece of information I needed.

1. Install camera driver to your computer.
2. Connect your DVR545 to the computer via the USB cord.
3. Double click "My Computer"
4. Open the F Drive and find/open your MP3 folder
5. Copy and paste your MP3's ONE AT A TIME into this folder.
6. Disconnect your camera and look in your "music" option. The songs should be there.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I bought an excellent Garmin GPS - that plays "Recorded books AS WELL AS mp3's - over a tiny, shitty ass speaker!"

I'm still ripping Garmin a new asshole at every chance!...(:

*Goddess* said...

As soon as I saw the ebook feature, I'm thinking who the HELL wants to watch a movie on a freaking two inch screen?!