Tuesday, July 15, 2008

yessiree the world should revolve around me

Oh, Lordy, my nephew is black now. He came to visit me yesterday and he has dreads. Nothing sadder than a white boy with dreads. Isn’t that right, Newton Faulkner?

I’m so sick of these stupid stories about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s brats. Every time the story comes up, they talk about Angelina showing the world “how sexy pregnancy can be”. Yeah, but only for those people who look like Angelina Jolie! For the other 99.999999% of us pregnancy=burlap sack time.

I was paying my bills this morning and I noticed our paper went up eighty cents and our water went up $1.30. Just those two small monthly increases will cost us an extra $25 a year.

I was reading the story of a cop whose family became sickened after a Kentucky Fried Chicken employee URINATED in their food. The employee was fined $100 and later fired for being late to work. What does it say about KFC that their employees can piss in people’s food and NOT get fired for it?

I bought myself a little (amazingly frustrating) toy called the Vivitar DVR545. It plays MP3’s, takes pics, takes movies, plays back ebooks--although why ANYONE would want to read a book on a three inch screen is beyond me--and you can also make voice recordings. I took the booklet to work with me on Sunday afternoon because I have a lot of downtime on Sundays and I forced myself to figure out how to use it via the instruction booklet, but I still couldn’t figure out how to upload MP3’s, because it WASN”T IN THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET!!!! Day Two I brought the camera with me, but forgot the USB cord, so the whole day was wasted. Day Three I was determined to figure out how to upload MP3’s but the software wasn’t working so I emailed the company for directions. Today is Day Four and the instructions told me to upload the driver, which I did first thing, then locate the driver. I looked and looked and looked and could not find the damn thing anywhere. I found all the software related to the product but no MP3 folder. I connected the camera and suddenly I’m getting a message telling me that there was a problem with the installation and the product might not work properly. Gee, ya think?! Now I’m going to REINSTALL the stupid driver and try all over again. Another fine example of why I hate new technology.


BBC said...

I don't know much about dreads but asked a lady one how she did them. "You don't wash your hair." Screw that shit, if you think I'm not washing my hair you're an idiot.

Oh, and expect everything to keep going up. Well, not your income, but everything else.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Well chosen title.

"What does it say about KFC that their employees can piss in people’s food and NOT get fired for it?"
Profits are more important than your health?

My wife is an Ass't Prof at the local University. Being its's a small town, and fast food joints often provide employment for students, I always go get the food without exception if we are eating locally. This is a really nice town....but it only takes one......