Tuesday, July 01, 2008

whats love got to do with it?

My gf lost her sister in law last week to a domestic violence incident. Her husband murdered her and then committed suicide. I'm so grateful their three children were not in residence because I'm sure he would have murdered them, too. After all, he threatened many times to do just that.

What ticks me off is the article in the newspaper in which they talked about how he threatened to murder them all, then it's followed up with "...blah blah became distraught over the thought of losing his children when his wife moved to another state."

Threatening to murder your entire family is not based on fears of losing your children because you love them, it's based on control and manipulation, so it angers me when they try to make it seem like he was so worried about losing contact with the kids that he went berserk. He was full of hatred and rage. None of this had anything to do with love.

And leaving three young children alone in this world without either parent more than proves that.


BBC said...

it's based on control and manipulation,

I don't completely agree with that but lets not split hairs. The real point is that the idiot should not have been adding to the gene pool in the first place.

I don't know the situation first hand but it's likely that she shouldn't have either.

Sometimes I just have to look at it as a strange form of natures population control so that it all doesn't drive me all nuts.

BBC said...

If people want to have sex with each other that's great. Just knock it off with all the frigging kids.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"trying to figure out what the heck “grandcockers” were. See if you can figure out what she meant."

Having been a detective and forensic specialist with grocery lists for years, I have to guess:

"Graham Crackers?"

That guess was aided by the day I saw Blue Balls on the groc list. My first thought was why do I need more? Further investigation revealed wife #2 meant grapes, but couldn't think of their name!

I haven't spent years of listening to Dingbat for nothing!:)