Monday, July 21, 2008

two plus two does not equal four in this case

I saw a portion of Casey Anthony's mother on Nancy Grace last night and I must be missing something.

When Nancy started to question her about her daughter, Casey, Cindy Anthony said her daughter was "not on trial" and she hadn't done anything wrong. She went on to say that she only witnessed Casey being "a loving mother". Why is Casey lying to the police about her daughter's whereabouts if she's such a devoted mother? She's the only one who can give them answers in the case, and according to news reports, she's lying about everything. IF your child had truly been kidnapped, wouldn't you do everything to cooperate with the police to facilitate her safe return?

Cindy Anthony also said that people aren't seeing Casey's efforts, like the MySpace page she made devoted to her daughter's disappearance. WTH? You can make all the MySpace pages on the planet and it doesn't mean squat if you refuse to cooperate with the police. And lying is refusing to cooperate. It's like making everyone around you kick in a locked door, while you're standing there with the key. All she has to do is tell the truth. It seems so stupid to sit around designing a webpage about your daughter's disappearance when YOU know where she is, but refuse to tell.

What the hell am I missing here?

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