Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tiny bubbles in the air

Wow, today’s kids are super soft and lazy. Today on QVC they were selling a bubble MACHINE. Come on! All that’s required of blowing bubbles is dipping the wand and blowing. They can’t handle that?!

My boss had one of the morning news shows on while she was eating breakfast and there was a guy demonstrating a $100K “portable” jetpack. First of all, the thing was about six feet long and two feet high and you’re sitting in a seat that’s strapped in the middle of that. Secondly the reporter went no more than about two feet off the ground with a person helping to lift the jetpack on the left and the right of him, THEN he unbuckles himself and says, “That was amazing!” Yeah, I could get higher off the ground jumping off the front porch steps. 100k, my ass.

I saw the movie License to Wed with Mandy Moore, Robin Williams and John Kwhatshisname from The Office. The critics hated it but I thought it was fairly funny, as is often the case with critics and myself. I loved the line where John asked his best male friend about his wedding and his friend said, “I don’t remember anything before D Day. It’s like a black hole.” I did think it was interesting though, how people who really don’t belong to together convince themselves that they do because they’re basking in the glow of “love”.

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BBC said...

Wow, today’s kids are super soft and lazy.

Generally speaking, yes. Having said that, I made a bubble machine that I took to the war protests, I could flood a street with bubbles.

In Amsterdam there is a bubble machine putting out bubbles 24 hours a day.

Most people like bubbles, but there are those that get irritated by a lot of them. Fuck'em.