Tuesday, July 29, 2008

reality bites

Pretend you’re an employer and let’s play a game. Due to downsizing, budget constraints, whatever, you can only keep one of the following employees. Which one would it be?

Employee #1 is always on time, knows the job, can do the jobs, very rarely ever calls off work and hasn‘t even taken a vacation in all the time she‘s been employed. Employee #1 doesn’t resort to crying when reprimanded, has never requested time off for frivolous bullshit, like baking pies and Employee #1 is always willing to do any physical work--read: fucking grunt work--that the boss needs done. Employee #1 has 6 ½ years service.

Employee #2 can’t physically do ¾’s of what is required of her, doesn’t answer the boss when called because she can’t hear and/or is sleeping on the job, can’t fucking tell the difference between prescription meds, despite the fact that it’s clearly written on a calendar which is to be dispensed on any given day. Employee #2 has called off NUMEROUS times for idiotic reasons, including baking pies, has borrowed $ from the boss that takes her weeks and weeks to repay, has cried and whined when reprimanded or to get her way, watches tv from the time she arrives till the time she leaves and arranges to do stuff that needs done around said tv schedule, and never volunteers to do any grunt work that might be required of her UNLESS she can bring her husband in to do it and get paid extra. Employee#2 has 3 ½ years of work.

Gee, you’d think it would be a no brainer, huh? The seniority thing alone should solve the question of who stays and who goes, but no, my boss is actually considering keeping Overtime Hawg on over me when she cuts hours next month. She had the balls to get on the phone and cry to the boss that she should get the hours because I'm younger and will have an easier time finding a job because she never finished high school. Oh, so that's MY fault, eh?

Just last week the boss told me she thinks O.H. is sleeping on the job. Hey, you hang on to her. She’s a gem of an employee. It just makes me all the more convinced to NEVER, EVER give your all to your employers because in the end, nobody fucking appreciates it anyway. I’m never doing it again.


BRUNO said...

I think we ALL have found that to be true in the past, regardless of how big or small the employer. I know my wife finally figured it out, in much the same way as you. And yes, I, too, had to learn "the hard way" in that very same school. Just a little bit earlier in the game, that's all!

About the only time giving 110% pays in YOUR favor, is if you are your own boss, as in self-employed. And even then, you have to "watch your ass" for the bastard who'll sell his or her soul to under-bid you!

It's time to move on, babe....!

Sodapop said...

WOW!!! I can NOT believe she would even consider keeping the OT Hawg. That is just messed up! :(

I hope she does NOT keep the other chick.

Mushy said...

Sorry...really sorry.

H2o said...

I hope she changes her mind.