Friday, July 25, 2008


Great. Juuuuuust great. After only two weeks, CBS has moved Flashpoint to Sunday night at 10 p.m and then there's another new episode Thursday night at 10 p.m. Way to totally screw with the viewers, CBS. I'm smelling another Men In Trees fiasco where the programmers screwed with the scheduling of the show so much it failed.


BBC said...

Frankly my dear, I don't give a crap.

*Goddess* said...

You're welcome:)

BRUNO said...

I TOLD you that show wouldn't last! The Weather Channel has more "drama" than it does!

Don't care, either! Just so they leave Ghost Whisperer alone!

What? The PLOT of "Whisperer"??? Hell, I dunno---I ain't lookin' at THAT part---I'm busy whatchin' an' droolin' over Jennifer Love-Hewitt!!!

Hell, after beer number SIX, even Cameryn Manheim starts to look good...!!!

(Sick? Damned right I am! At least I ain't attracted to the fireMEN in the cast!!!)

BBC said...

Jennifer Love-Hewitt.... Oh yeah, instant hard on.

*Goddess* said...

It's still on, Bruno! They're just "shifting" damn it:) Yaya I know that's the first sign of trouble.

BTW, did you know James Van Pragh was behind Ghost Whisperer? I had no idea till I read it today.

*Goddess* said...

Billy, explain how it is you know nothing about tv, but mention J.L-H and you know her?!

BRUNO said...

But---but---dammit, I wanted to say it's "the first sign of trouble"!

Oh, and I don't know about James Van Pragh---but I SURE AS HELL would like to be behind, on top of, under---or any where the hell around---!little Jenny!

As for Manheim---well, I think I heard once she was a "woman in comfortable shoes".

But I suppose I COULD try to help her see "straight"!

But it's gonna take a LOT of beer!!!

And, in defense of Billy---even MEN read magazines in the checkout line. We just aren't as obvious about it.....!!!