Monday, July 07, 2008

it won't be soon before long

I had my monthly chiro appts set up so that I'd come home from work on a Monday morning, shower and get my ass to his office, thus avoiding the "chit chat lag time". My chiro is a TALKER, and while I appreciate him taking the time to listen and answer my questions, I hate the fact that by 9:30 A.M., (appts. every 10 minutes beginning at 9) he's already running twenty minutes behind, and it just gets worse and worse as the day wears on. Many is the time he is finished with my adjustment, and he sits down and continues gabbing. UGH. That's why I like to schedule my appts. no later than 9:20 A.M. That usually gets me out of his office by 10 IF I'm lucky. Unfortunately they changed my 9:10 appt this morning to twelve thirty. Gawd, do you have any idea how far behind he is at twelve thirty?! I might as well pack my supper.

I was watching this interesting piece on Dateline about your car's gas tank. They decided to do a little test to see if your car was really out of gas when the needle registered "E". The guy drove a minivan and his van had a digital readout as well as the needle. When the needle was on "E", his digital read out told him he had 14 more miles to empty. He drove 50 miles over that for a total of 64 miles before his van actually stopped. The auto manufacturers said Americans like the "buffer". I had no idea. I thought "E" meant M. T. so this is good to know, even though I begin panicking when the needle hovers between 1/4 and "E". They also said that it won't harm the car if you run out of gas PERIODICALLY, and you won't harm the water pump UNLESS you try to start the car without any gas in it, two other tidbits that are good to know.

I think one of the grossest "holiday traditions" has to be that damn July 4th hot dog eating contest that they show on TV every year during my lunch hour. Nothing more disgusting than watching someone eating and throwing up at the same time. I have to cover my eyes every time.

I'm applying for another job. One that actually pays extra for overtime. I'm so tired of working what amounts to 17 hours overtime every week and not getting one extra penny for it. Plus working at the same wages you got 6 1/2 years ago blows big time. Everything has risen in the last 6 1/2 years except for my wages.

Who is this Duffy of the "Mercy" fame that I love so much? She sounds like a sober Amy Winehouse.


Stacey said...

I effin' love Duffy so much from that one song, I forced Joe to stay up late one work night to find and download the whole CD for me. :-)

*Goddess* said...

The things Joe does for love;)

I have never heard of her until I heard the song on the radio and just loved it instantly.

BBC said...

They also said that it won't harm the car if you run out of gas PERIODICALLY, and you won't harm the water pump UNLESS you try to start the car without any gas in it, two other tidbits that are good to know.

In the first place, it's just as cheap, or expensive, to keep the top half of the tank filled as it is the bottom half. I seldom let my tank get below a quarter of a tank.

These days unless you have a pretty old car it is fuel injected and on most fuel injected cars the fuel pump is in the gas tank.

The only way that pump can be cooled is by the gas that is surrounding it to adsorb the heat from it. So yes, running near empty all the time can shorten its lifetime and it's expensive to replace a fuel pump these days.

Just something to think about, you are going to burn up whatever gas you need to burn up anyway so fill the tank and then keep the top half full instead of the bottom half.

An added bonus is that you collect less moisture in the tank because of all the gas. Engines don't run worth a crap after enough water builds up in a tank.

I never, ever, let my gas tank get to low. I was a master mechanic for years and I know that isn't wise.

Oh, trying to start a car without gas in it hasn't got shit to do with the water pump. You are not going to hurt the water pump even if you turn the engine over until you wear out the starter. Water pumps don't have crap to do with fuel systems, just saying.

Besides, fuel injected cars that run out of fuel prime the system as soon as you put more gas in them and start up right away. Unless something else is wrong.

*Goddess* said...

Hmm, ok I'm just telling ya what they said on the show. I dont know squat about cars which is why I was passing it on;)

BRUNO said...

This time I'm gonna have to agree with BBC up-there, about the fuel-level, and the moisture, especially in the winter.

And I also have NO IDEA what was meant by "hurting the WATER pump". Unless they meant FUEL-pump? Which again goes right back to BBC, and the cooling-effect.

But I'm open to learn NEW stuff, too. Hell, maybe they've come-up with something "better"---AGAIN!

The first time I read it, I figured it was just YOU, being BLONDE. Then I remembered---it could be ME, being GREY...!!!

*Goddess* said...

It was neither! it was John Stossel on, not Dateline. That WAS me being blonde;)

BRUNO said...

And with NO peroxide needed for clarity...!