Sunday, July 13, 2008

is she really going out with him?

I had my three and a half days off this week, then took Friday off because I had been at the ER all night and still wasn’t feeling well. I think this is only the fifth day of work I’ve missed in 6 ½ years. [And two of them were for a funeral.] When I came back, I felt so out of step, as if I’ve missed several days instead of one.

Speaking of the job, I applied for a job elsewhere, just about the time the boss decided that now she has the $ to pay us through the middle of August. Guh. Enough already. I’ve been hearing “end of this month” since Christmas '07. If I’m offered this job, I think I’m going to take it.

I caught a brief bit of a Lifetime movie yesterday. (And to answer your question, Billy, I have the tv on while I’m doing other things. That’s how I can “watch so much”. ) The movie reminded me of Lifetime Movie Tip #24: If you’re going to cheat on your rich husband with his son, make sure the help aren’t disgruntled. They’ll rat you out every time.”

I heard a commercial for the Oreck vacuum and the announcer said, “The Oreck has the suction power of a Category 2 hurricane.” I’m sure lonely guys everywhere will be happy to hear that…

A news reporter was talking about the birth of Angelina Jolie’s brats and he said, “Already having four children, the twins will fit seamlessly into the family.” Spoken like a guy who has never taken care of six kids in his life.

From the “oh, YUCK” file: there was a woman on TV this week who is still breastfeeding her eight year old daughter. She breastfed her other daughter until she was five years old. No word on why she stopped so soon with the first one.

My geography skills might suck, but even *I* knew the answer to this game show question: "Niagara Falls separates Ontario from what U.S. state?" The dude said, "Illnois".............................

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