Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'm dreading this

I saw a white chick with dreads on "How Do I Look?" and she said she got the dreads because she didn't like washing her hair.

First of all, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Secondly, if washing your hair is such a difficult, time consuming task, shave your head, Lazy!


BBC said...

Yeah, I really don't get that. How can anyone go without washing their hair?

Fuck, you can't even brush it if you want it in that state. I hate to think about what might be in that hair.

*Goddess* said...

If some of these people have trouble washing their hair, I can only imagine how often they bathe....

BRUNO said...

Yessir, that's a REAL modern-day expression of independence: "I don't feel like washing my hair!"

Yeah, let those lice and fungi grow on that scalp---SOMEBODY will eventually foot the bill for any medical care for the sores and scabs. But not ME---I'm INDEPENDENT!!!

Although honestly, I doubt any louse OR lice could survive in that mess, anyway!

It's bad enough for a man to do it, in the name of his HERITAGE, let alone a woman.

So---maybe Sinead O' Connor had the right fashion statement after all...???

*Goddess* said...

If I was a guy, I'd totally shave my head. Chicks dig it and heck it would be super cool in the humdittity.