Friday, July 11, 2008

i was defeated you won the war

Just finished watching "Lars and the Real Girl." I have to admit, when I ordered it, I thought it was going to be funny. Not so much. It was more of a serious piece, rather sad, too. It was the story of a lonely guy who ordered one of those realistic sex dolls online, then fell in love with it.

I spent Thursday night/Friday morning in the ER. I felt sick to my stomach for a couple days and it finally settled in my middle back. I would have bet $ I had a kidney infection, but the blood work and urinalysis came back clean. Thankfully. My symptoms were nausea, clamminess and pain around my kidneys. From that the ER doctor deduced that I had an inflamed esophagus. Never mind that I have none of the symptoms of that. Never mind that I never even get heart burn. I hate it when the doctor asks me what my symptoms are then proceeds to tell me what my symptoms are. Sigh. The doctor ordered Prilosec. Funny thing is on the package it says it takes FOUR DAYS to take effect. Mr. G bought me pure aloe vera juice and that worked within 15 minutes.

The nurse pointed out my cubicle in one direction, then sent me in the other direction to take my urine test--and of course, more pee went onto my hand than into the cup. I came out of the bathroom and literally walked right into a hottie security guard while looking for my room. Gawd, I felt like an idiot. Nothing sexier than running into a hott guy while you're carrying a cup of your own urine. Anywho, he helped me find my room and went on his way. While we were in the waiting area, Mr. G turned to me and said, "Wow. You must really be sick. Three state troopers just walked in and you didn't even look."
I said, "Yeah, I am sick, honey...........but just for the record, where are they?"

Ok, I'm off to watch "Flashpoint." Don't let me down, CBS, the early reviews have not been kind!

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