Sunday, July 27, 2008

i wanna do it till i can't get enough

Love the tagline for the new movie Brideshead Revisited: “At last the movie INTELLIGENT filmgoers have waited for all year.” In the meantime, the blithering idiot filmgoers have been seeing new movies since January.

Wow. High gas prices truly has affected everything. According to my boss, the Hour of Power is now on for a half hour of Power. Whaaaa? People finally figured out what a waste it was to send their hard earned $ to someone who builds elaborate buildings all in the name of Jesus? Say it isn’t so!

You know the biggest problem I have when I’m trying to find a job? My husband. I love him, but for some reason, he seems to think me finding a job is HIS business. And he puts it right at the top of his “to do” list. He’s also deathly afraid that I might actually take some time off between this job and the next one even though I’ve been working 57 hours a freaking week for the last year and a half. In that amount of time, he’d get 41/2 weeks off. Granted, he gets paid vacation and I don’t, but damn it, I’m TIRED. He talked to a friend of ours who has a business that is relative to my job and he told me to call her. I'm like, "Damn it, stay out of my business!" Here's how I roll: I want God to point me to the one job in which I can be of the most service to others....and earn decent wages. I pretty much expect a piece of paper to waft down from my bedroom ceiling and on it will be written the phone number of my potential employer. But NO, Mr. G keeps giving me all these different options. He said, "I like options." HELLO?! It's MY job and I don't want options!!

Great weekend for TV. Friday night I was all psyched to watch Flashpoint at 10, only to find it wasn’t on. Saturday, I wanted to watch the two hour finale of The Academy from 10-12, but Mr. G wanted to watch CBS boxing from 9-11, so I let him have it the two hours, knowing The Academy and another USA show I wanted to see at 10 would be repeated Sunday. I checked the schedule for tonight and naturally, both shows are on at the same time I want to watch Crisis Point. UGH.

I was watching E! today and they kept running across the bottom of the screen news that Shia LaBeouf had been involved in a possible DUI. Right in the middle of my show they broke in to announce that Shia LaBeouf had been involved in a possible DUI. Well, DUH. They’d been telling us that for the last hour. So I had to Google this Shia to find out it was a man, woman, child or one of those small dogs that don’t shed. It’s a guy. After I Googled, I thought, "What was I thinking? No way would it be a dog. They're too smart to drive drunk."


Adamgv said...

Those who raise gas prices are already killing our children. Take back our country! Acquire the Red Alert Newsletter.

BRUNO said...

Oh, what would todays' woman do without us poor, down-trodden, brow-beaten MEN/HUSBANDS???

Yeah, I know---you'd "get yourself a REAL life"!

At least 'til the BATTERIES ran down.......HA-A-A-A!!!!

How do they say that?

TOUCHE'!!! (I think!)

*Goddess* said...

Hey,I'm the one who's gettin' browbeat here;)

BRUNO said...

OH! OK, sorry! Just change MEN/HUSBANDS to WOMEN/WIVES in the above, and BATTERIES to VASELINE, and I think it'll all come out even, in the end.......???

*Goddess* said...

LOL! NOBODY messes with my "end";)