Saturday, July 19, 2008

give me hope any way you can I need to know there's a plan

Wow. Flashpoint was really good last night, but I am STILL not buying Enrico Whatshisface as team captain. He sucks. They need to bump him out and bump this hottie, Hugh Dillon into his place. He's got the looks and the stare and the mannerisms down pat, which is more than Enrico can say. I love the way the show starts with the action and then zips backwards to the beginning so we can see what led to the conflict. I hate the type of story telling where they flip between the present and the past, but they don't do that on Flashpoint.

No wonder people are so confused as to what is good for their health in this country. Remember a few months ago, they told us that not getting enough sleep can make one more predisposed to Type 2 diabetes? NOW they release this story. Geez, now even SLEEP becomes a juggling act.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Geez, now even SLEEP becomes a juggling act."
"Studies have shown" has replaced "New and Improved", as the pill pushers take over the medical profession in their Bush approved push for greed. My (young) Doctor who "bought" the practice of my retiring Doctor, is one of those. He's regularly quoting the last half baked study. He's also marked for replacement asap by me.:)

Stacey said...

Read online recently that Flashpoint was shot up here in Toronto in its entirety... so far. Weird. I hadn't heard anything about this production till you mentioned it on your blog. I don't watch Canadian tv anymore and I don't read Canadian newspapers, so that could be why.

*Goddess* said...

Gotta love those legalized pill pushers, Dan'l!

Yeah, Stacey, it was made up there during the Hollywood writer's strike.