Wednesday, July 02, 2008

and another hump day bites the dust

I have smart blogger friends. Yes, “grand cockers” IS graham crackers!

Why, Lord? Why? Why? Why? Seems like every time I decide to stop at the McDonald’s drive thru for an unsweetened iced tea on the way to work some jackass cuts in front of me. Inevitably, they’re the same jackass who decides to order 85 breakfast burritos or some other artery clogging crap in massive quantities. It really ticks me off when we’re sitting there for close to ten minutes. When someone is going to be longer than three minutes, they seriously need to shuffle them off to the side to wait for their food, and YES, I’m going to bitch about it to McDonald’s when I fill out the customer (dis)satisfaction survey.

Love the commercial for the new CBS show Flashpoint. The part where the SWAT sniper in full gear steps into the elevator is hilarious. You can hear everyone thinking the same thing…..”oooooooooo SHIT”.


BBC said...

"grand cockers"


Mushy said...

We are all kind'a hung!

I'm looking forward to that show too...should be good.

Anonymous said...

Heard a story the other day about a man who was inside a Timmy's (coffee chain up here) waiting to be served by one of the six employees on the floor at all times when he noticed four of them were dedicated to the drive-thru alone and the other two were too busy restocking and replacing prepped food and doughnuts to serve him.

As he was about to say something, he overheard one the employees say to a customer in a minivan who was ordering massive food orders, "If you're order that much food, you need to park and come into the store, please."

The woman in the van then pulled up to the wicket window to scream at the employee that she would do no such thing, that it's her right to order what she wanted at the drive-thru and that employee should get the manager out of the office to complain about this highly insulting remark made by a staff member. She wasn't going to budge one inch on this. She sat there waiting for the manager, with her tank idling, holding up others in the line behind her and the staff that had prepared their food orders now getting cold for all she cared. Selfish bitch.

When the manager came out, she stated it was policy for customers ordering that much to come in instead of holding up the line like she has now done. She shot back at the manager that she would if she could be guaranteed to get an employee to serve her at the counter since it's been her experience that all in-store customers are ignored in favour of the busy drive-thru.

The whole time, the person relaying this story to me, was standing at the counter trying to get someone to serve him!

Oh, the irony.

That sort of thing pisses a lot of customers off up here. It's all too common. And the guy had a great point, too: "I got my fat ass out of my car to go in for my coffee and sandwich only to be ignored because I wasn't sitting in the top priority drive-thru line!" He refuses to go back to any Timmy's now. He's not alone. Many people now feel that say way.


*Goddess* said...

LOL! Ok, the guy waiting while they retold you the story is rather funny. You know, as long as you're not that guy:) But McDonald's doesn't even require you to come in. They have several parking spaces to the side. You pull over to one and they bring your food out to you. That's not asking so much. I mean it's pathetic that I get my tea faster by parking and going inside than by going through the drive thru.

BRUNO said...

Oh, the trailer for the show IS great---but I'll have to disagree with Mushy on this one. It ain't gonna fly---too much "true-fiction" in it!

What's "true-fiction"? An example would be a cowboy-cop who twirls his weapon---a RIFLE, at that!---on his way to the latest sniping job. Yeah---a bit of show best left on the cutting room floor.

Let's show 'em what REALLY might happen, with that circumstance. When he shatters his OWN leg with a round. Or he pops his partner, or "just some civilian". And, of course, he "doesn't like doing his job, but someone has to...!"

Pul-leeze. I hate TV, and it's "real-life" dramas!

What the hell ever became of entertainment, as in, HUMOR? Yeah, I know---"didn't BLEED enough, couldn't SELL it...!"

*Goddess* said...

Ironic you mention shattering their own leg. An officer did just that around here and they might lose their leg if the grafts don't take.

BRUNO said...

Please tell me he or she WASN'T playing "Fast Draw McGraw", and tryin' to copy some cool "hollywood" move to impress the COPS-cam...!

*Goddess* said...

Well, that sounds a tad more impressive than shooting yourself while cleaning your gun....

BRUNO said...

Oh well, that's a MUCH more outstanding reason, indeed! And they expect US to trust ONLY THEM, with a weapon?

Just so it wasn't YOUR leg. Don't think I could handle a "one-heeled" avitar....!