Sunday, June 22, 2008

Was it bubble gum or bad karma, let my guru be the judge

I never realized how often I uttered the phrase "I'll have to ask Bruno if he knows" until yesterday.
My husband and I were shopping for a bedspread for his mother and I said, "I don't know anything about your mother's tastes except they're not the same as mine, so I have no idea what she'd like."
Mr. G said, "Hey, I know. Why don't you email Bruno and see if he knows what my mother likes?"
I'm like, "What?"
He said, "Well you ask him everything else, why not ask him this?!"
I can't help it Bruno is now my "go to guy".
And my husband kept this up ALL DAY LONG, simply because I said I was going to ask Bruno if he knew what kind of railroad cars we had been looking at the night before. Oh and I might have mentioned asking him if he knew what 'outdoor furnaces' were all about. LOL.

When we finally decided on a bedspread, I told Mr. G, "Tell your mother that while you loved this bedspread, I hated it, so she'll like it even more...."

OMG! Two of my favorite things: chocolate and natural remedies to heal!!!

I was watching the news the other night when the legalized gay marriages was announced and there was a so-called Christian group picketing with signs that read "God hates fags." This brought up a few questions for me:
1. If God is love, how can He hate?
2. How could God hate anything He created?
3. How "christian" can you be if YOU hate?
4. How "christian" can you be if you label people with derogatory terms such as "fags"?

I heard there's going to be a new Smurfs movie--isn't that smurftacular? Gawd, just the thought of it makes me want to vomit smurficiously. Anywho, they were discussing who should be Smurfette and in my mind there's only one chick who could pull that off--Jamie Presley from My Name is Earl. She'd be perfectly smurfy in the role.

I watched a movie called "The List" starring Wayne Brady the other night. Ok, first clue that this was going to suck should have been the fact that it starred Wayne Brady. Second clue was when the good looking guy said to Wayne, "I never get the girls because they all want you." UGH. Yeah, right. Plus Tatyana Ali was his fiancee. Now according to the ever accurate Wikipedia, Wayne is only 36 and Tat is 29. That just does NOT seem right to me because he looks a good 20 years older than she does.

I was reading the latest edition of County Magazine and they had pics/stories of country weddings. Now we all know I'm a sucker for cops AND cowboys, so I thought this feature was very romantic. One couple even had a beans and franks rehersal dinner over a campfire. I can't help but think, though, that eating beans and franks the night before your wedding is not such a smart idea. Least they didn't eat it right before their honeymoon....


BRUNO said...

And I almost missed this one!

Well, to be completely honest, I dunno what kind of bedsheets she might like. Hopefully, she has a LOT better taste than myself---the only reason I like dark jungle-prints on MY bed, is because I don't have to---well, actually, don't APPEAR TO---need washed as often.(Gives a whole NEW definition---and REASON!--- to the term, camoflauge!)

Outdoor furnaces? Yes, but---I haven't been ASKED about that, yet!

Ahh, yes---"to know me is to LOVE me!"

It's kinda obvious that not too many people know OR love me, ain't it?

I thought for the longest time that "raised middle-finger" meant that I was number ONE, with them.

Then I started FIRST GRADE, and got educated.....!

*Goddess* said...

I know. I thought geez the least I could do is Google it before I hit you up...unlike I did with the train q;)

BRUNO said...

Oh, that's Okey-Dokey! Just as long as Mr.G's legs don't show-up in that avitar---(shudder!!!)

Yeah, "google" mother-in-laws favorite bed sheet while you're at it, see what pops up!

And btw---outdoor wood systems are BIG around these parts, too. But it's that initial-cost that sets you back on your heels. Could almost buy another half-a-house for what it costs, to start from "scratch", so to speak.

But DAY-YUM---they are the "bees-knees" when it comes to reliable, consistent HEAT. That is, IF you have an equally reliable, and consistent source of firewood...!

BBC said...

Chocolate is sure getting up there in price it seems.