Tuesday, June 24, 2008

walk on the wild side

Seems like prostitutin' is becoming a big problem in my little 'burgh and the police published the pictures of four 'tutes the arrested the other night. Three women and one guy wearing a woman's wig. Sad to say, the best looking one was the guy with the wig....sigh.

I just finished watching "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" starring Martin Lawrence and Cedric the Entertainer. In one scene, a grown up Lawrence and Cedric "redo" the obstacle course race competition they ran when they were younger. From the size of both men, the mere fact that Cedric gave Martin a run for his money is rather ridiculous if ya axe me.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm truly amazed that no Jesus Freak has "Declared war on Prostitution yet." Perhaps they don't want to lose the only woman that will fuck them?

"Attacking Prostitution" is as reliable "go to" as is Gays. Look what popped into the news not long ago - Gay Marriage!! Can you fucking believe it? In an election year? Christ, that's only happened.....lessee...ah yes. Here it is. It's only happened during every election since the first gays wanted to get married.

For The People said...

Prostitution. Hmmm! Putting the Johns in the paper will help deter customers that is for sure. Putting the Prosititutes in the paper may help too if they are that ugly! I heard a news cast say that the motto "Sex Sells" is not working any more!