Thursday, June 26, 2008

to sleep perchance to dream.....past 8 a.m.

I love the way food companies push the envelope when it comes to labeling. In their latest commercial, General Mills actually expects us to believe that Lucky Charms is a healthy cereal because it's made with "whole grains".

Mr. G and I DO NOT have the same sleep schedules. He's on vacation this week and I'm off for my regular days, only 1/2 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Every morning now, he insists on getting up ULTRA EARLY so he can get all the work done early and be back in bed for his "all afternoon" nap by noonish. Unfortunately, he drags ME into these plans. This morning we had to hurry and take the dog for a walk, drop off the car to get an oil change, then come home and cut the grass. It was almost 11:30 before I had a chance to get BREAKFAST, then it was off to pick up my car.

Where is Mr. G right now? Napping for the last two hours, of course.

I would rather sleep in till about 10ish and then get started, skipping the nap all together. I already informed him that I am NOT doing a damn thing today and I don't care if I'm up at 5:30 A.M.
I'm fed up with this early bullshit and I have to be at work tomorrow while he still has Friday, Saturday and Sunday to do nothing.

Lifetime is running another "I hired a smoking hot babysitter and for the life of me, can't figure out why/how she stole my husband" movie. From what I can see, here's how it happens: a stupid woman hires a really good looking YOUNG woman to babysit her kids. Then she gets mired in her marital insecurities and her love of her career, and the babysitter makes her move by emotionally supporting the sad, overworked husband. Rule of thumb: always hire an old, unattractive babysitter. 'Nuff said.

Could the commercial trailer for "Eagle Eye" BE any longer?! Ugh. They might as well just show the dumb movie.


Lin said...

I also recall that someone else's vacation schedule used to be a royal pain in the ass. Now semi-retirement has me looking at those 2 week upheavals as the good ol' days. Gack!

Catmoves said...

My Wild Thing has me well trained. I wake up early and am permitted to use the toilet and quietly leave the bedroom (taking the cats with me), closing the bedroom door quietly behind me. I may do pottering about, feed the cats, let the boss cat out and peruse the newspaper. Madame gets up when she wants to. I greet her with a kiss and coffee and hand the paper to her while I perform the necessary mundane acts on the computer.
Breakfast? Oh, an hour or two after she has arisen. She has a T-shirt that proclaims "I like mornings. I just wish they didn't come so early".

*Goddess* said...

Don't even say that, Lin...LOL! My husband is itching to retire now and I don't want to think about it;)

Dang, Catmoves, she DOES have you trained well;)