Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MORE guests

Turns out there are TWO mother cats with TWO sets of kittens. I found this set down in the neighbor's yard playing. The mother cat is always at our house eating. I thought she was no more than four months old herself.

One kitten scampered away before I took this shot.

So let's do the math. Because three people were irresponsible with their animals--2 females and 1 male--we now have a total of 10 cats. Either get your damn pets spayed and neutered or drop them off at the SPCA. Stop dropping them at people's homes or in the woods, causing other's to pay for YOUR animals. It's nothing but sheer laziness and irresponsibility.


BBC said...

Didn't know that you were back from fishing.

My four cat's were born out in the yard and I became the mommy when the mother got hurt. I had them fixed, plus a couple of strays that wander in and out of here.

*Goddess* said...

I would love to get them fixed, but we don't have a low cost/no cost spay/neuter program around here, so I'm only going to get two fixed. The rest we're going to have to find nice homes for. Ugh. And that ticks me off because it shouldn't be our job to do that.

Mushy said...


Huntin's good around your parts!