Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lexmark cares!

I bought a new Lemark printer/scanner/copier last week. This is my third Lexmark and I like them because they're quality. I got rid of the first one because I wanted the 3/1 combo and I would have used the second one with my laptop, but it wasn't compatible with my operating system.

I liked the fact that Lemark included everything I needed. Well, they used to. This time around there was no black cartridge and no USB2 cord.

I have to say that I think it's pretty damn sucky that Lexmark doesn't even include a black cartridge with a brand new product. Their reasoning is that you can do black printing with the color cartridge. That's lame, Lexmark, you're only doing it to save yourselves expense.

That having been said, I called to complain about the fact that there was no USB2 cord included and they sent it to me, free of charge, and I received it within two business days. That's good customer service. It was a "no go" on the black cartridge though....LOL! Trust me, I tried.


Anonymous said...

You're very lucky they sent you a cable for free b/c up here NONE of the major printer companies pack them with printers anymore. Just starter inks to get you hooked like a junkie, but the accessories like the damn cable you have to source yourself. The reason they do this is the big box stores will then be able to sell you one of the last few remaining profitable products to sell in the computer industry: cables. And they are jacked up through the roof. We sell them at a price far less than the big stores because we don't feel right about selling people a cable that costs us $1.50 to bring in at $35.00. Only the gullible will believe that you need cables with gold tips on them, and trust me there are loads of gullible customers out there. That's how Future Shop, Staples, Wal-Mart and Best Buy make their money and can sell products for less than we can get them at cost and still remain open. They are fuckers. In every sense of the word!


BBC said...

I've never bought a Lexmark. My first printers were Canon and I liked them but got tired of the ink costs.

Decided that I don't really need to print anything in color so I bought an HP 1000 laserjet printer.

That was four or five years ago and its great, still on the first cartridge even though I've printed hundreds of pages of text.

If it ever breaks I may get a color laserjet, but never another bubble jet.

Catmoves said...

We warned of Lexmark years ago because of their comparatively ridiculously high costs for replacement cartridges. Being so cheap about a black ink cartridge means to me they will try and screw us every time we need any ink refill. Although I cannot say I am happy with HP. They have at least a gazillion models of printers floating around and unless Wild Thing knows where to look (she does) I could spend a day or more just looking for a cartridge that would work in the bloody thing. The thought occurs that is some more of that "the tail is wagging the dog" stuff.

BRUNO said...

Oh yeah, you CAN do black printing with the COLOR cartridge, IF you don't mind replacing/refilling every time the moon changes phase....!

I've NEVER had good luck with a Lexmark. They print very well, but I just never got one to last more than a few months. I'm well satisfied with my HP Office-Jet, but in all honesty, the next time I need cartridges, I'll consider buying a whole NEW printer, if for no other reason than the overall PRICE.

*Goddess* said...

Stacey, it occured to me later that the reason I got cables in both printers is because I ordered them through QVC, and they pride themselves on having everything you need to get started in the package.

Catmoves, when I could refill the cartridges I did. That saved me a TON of $, and I know I refilled one cartridge about 12 times. I just couldn't figure out how to do it on my last Lexmark, that's why I'm going to take it to the refill place in town. Save myself some $ there.

I just don't want to have to keep installing printers, Bruno....LOL! I'm lazy that way;) When I find something that works, I hang on to it with both hands.

I'll have to look into laserjet next time, Billy, thanks!

Anonymous said...

BBC has the corret idea: get a network laser printer and use toners. The toners can last a home user a year or more and they are worth the $50-150 to replace it. We just brought in five Lexmark network laser printers because the demand this week was there. Normally we don't sell printers through the year outside of back to school, but for some reason (hello, thank you for a full year of talking our customers into the idea repeatedly), they are catching on to the cost savings and the idea that you can spend less by putting a few more bucks down up front. It will be more than worth the cost in the long run, and I dare say people will save a load, too. (Depends on your printing needs and habits, of course.) I don't expect the printers we brought in to sit around too long after people see we brought them in a few months earlier this year. Last year was a weird time for us because the university students started back six weeks earlier than we thought they would and we lost out of tonnes of business because our vendors were already sold out when we placed our orders. We learned our lesson and did it up right this year. We have a line that will sell quick and the vendor has loads in the warehouse for the next month or more till everyone else places their orders, but by then we'll have been ahead of the curve. That's what I call using your noggin! Thanks, BBC, for pointing out that great fact. You just opened up some eyes on this thread, I'm sure.


*Goddess* said...

I'm glad he mentioned it too because I didn't even know there was a difference.