Sunday, June 08, 2008

i used to roll the dice

Wonder Woman is whack. Apparently Lynda Carter found a dead body while fishing and in one interview I read, she was all, "I didn't do anything special. I did what anyone would have done." DUH. It's not like she saved a life, for Pete's sake. She reported a dead body. The only idiot who wouldn't report it is the one who put it there.

I watched Juno yesterday and I really liked the movie. I liked the store owner, played by the guy from The Office. I think he plays Raine on the show. Anyway, Juno came in and got her fourth or fifth pregnancy test stick and after she took the test, she was in front of him, trying to shake it like a thermometer. He said, "That ain't no Etch-a-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, Home Skillet." LOL! Great quirky character. Gotta admit though, if this were my baby, I would NEVER even consider giving it to a snobby ass couple like Jen Garner and Jason Bateman. Mostly cuz I don't like Bateman. But seriously, no way. In the beginning, she didn't even want to take time to get to know Juno. She just wanted the kid. I loved the part where Bateman told Juno that his wife had "given" him a room to put all his music stuff and Juno said, "Wow. She gave you your own room in your own house?"

We went grocery shopping this morning and spent over $220. We got home and put all the stuff away, and Mr. G said, "What are you having for lunch?" I said, "Eh, there's nothing in the house." LOL! He slapped my ass;)


Anonymous said...

Raine Wilson is the actor who played the clerk. He plays Shrute on The Office. He also played a whacky character on Six Feet Under named Arthur. The character Garner played wasn't as much a snob as she was reserved and cautious because her husband let her get close before to other women they were planning to adopt from and at the last second he said he wasn't ready. Did you miss that part? She wanted to get close but it must hurt a lot to do so and have your husband get cold feet and shut the whole plan down.

*Goddess* said...

I heard him say "cold feet," but I thought he meant on the part of the women. I have about 25 minutes to go, so maybe it'll be explained in the end. I thought I was going to be able to finish it yesterday when I wrote up my post.

I still wouldn't give the baby to a family like that. Couples who have pics of themselves all over the wall bug me...LOL! Just a quirk of mine.

*Goddess* said...

Ok, I was totally wrong. I stopped short of the scene where Jason Bateman tells Juno he's leaving. After the birth scene, I was bawling thinking, "I hope she at least gives the baby to Jennifer Garner's character!" LOL.

My favorite lines from the movie is where Bleeker is running track and his friend comes up behind him and says, "Did you hear Juno McGuff is pregnant?"
Bleeker says, "Yep."
His friend says, "Did you hear it's yours?" LOL!

elartistadelchi said...

Linda Carter ROCKS!!!!! (Like Motley Crue).

BRUNO said...

Well, as for Carters' "heroism under-fire"(!), I guess it could be said that it was the THOUGHT that counts!

In most cases, the only reason anyone reports such is because someone else saw YOU find it! Then, YOU can say---like Bart Simpson says---"I didn't do it!!!"

Other than that, well, HELL!!! It's just another "day in the life of......."!