Sunday, June 01, 2008

fish sticks, anyone?

Denise Richards on Charlie Sheen’s prostitute habits, “That is not the man I married.” PUHLEEZE. All we ever hear about Charlie Sheen is about his penchant for prostitutes, drugs and partying. She thought she was going to be the one who miraculously “changed” him and it just didn’t happen. But to deny it…oy.
And the most unbelievable thing of all is that some OTHER idiot married this guy over the weekend! How long before SHE'S boo hoo'ing that he cheated on her because he 'wasn't the guy she married'?!

Wow. A whopping 39 shows have been canceled for next year, and I’ve only seen three of them: Miss Guided (which I thought was rather cute), Men In Trees (one of my favorites!) and Unhitched (deserved to be canceled).

I watched 27 Dresses today. My rating? Eh, wasn't bad.
BTW, you have to love the movie trailers that are 90% screaming. Really gives you a sense of what to expect.

Once again it was time to pick out summer classes for the offspring and myself to attend. And yes, I’m STILL smarting that no one would attend the “Cookies Around the World” class two summers ago. I was ready to eat my way across Europe. The choice for the Female Offspring was easy. I signed them ALL up for “Adventures in Acting”. Get ready, world. Eight more drama queens in the making. As if they need lessons.
Male Offspring #6 refused to take any classes because there were none about the Bible. Male Offspring #5 refused because there were none exploring the joys of twine. Male Offspring #4 has been ticking me off with his attitude lately, so I signed him up for “Barnyard Bash” where he’ll learn how to “make butter from cream, plant crops, and learn about farm animals”. Yep, he’ll be working. Chew on that one, baby.
Male Offspring #2 and 3 are taking “So you wanna be a rock star?“ where they’ll learn how to write their own song lyrics. Hopefully, none of the songs will include the words “ho,“ “booty call” or “who let the dogs out”. I signed up to take Male Offspring #7 and 8 to “Splishin’ and Splashin” a class that “explores the property of water through experiments and hands on play.” There’s four nights I won’t have to bath them. Male Offspring #7 wanted to take “Mini Scientists,” but quite frankly I can’t run the risk of them blowing up the classroom. Plus that whole bath thing.


Anonymous said...

I thought 27 dresses was ok but the script was boring and Katharine was grating at times. I loved James Marsden as the writer. Who knew he also played the annoying prince in Enchanted?


*Goddess* said...

Yes, Katherine WAS grating! I forgot to mention how I wanted to slap her across the face for letting everyone walk all over her while she smiled like an idiot. I can only take so much of that in a character...

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"He's not the man I married!" Of course not! Sheen's questionable habits aside, no woman is "The Woman "I" married, either!"
When you're dating, engaged, etc., the guy ain't gonna sit on the couch and fart in front of your mother while he picks his nose, and the woman isn't going to show up for a date with dirty stringy hair and a ratty bathrobe, either!:) I'm always amazed when I hear somebody whine that. Their grasp of reality isn't too tight, imo.