Monday, June 23, 2008

dont hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

When men hug on TV--and I'm sorry, but I think they hug WAY MORE than "real" men do--have you noticed they always do that "clap back slap" thing? They hug each other but barely touch chests, then it's like they're uncomfortable so they slap each other on the back several times.

A spokesperson for Amy Winehouse said the singer does NOT have full blown emphysema, as her father first reported, but is showing the "early signs" of it. Sadly, the addict in her probably hears, "Phew! I don't have emphysema. I can still smoke crack," because ya know that's how the addicted mind works. I've been there. Not with crack or cigarettes but certainly with health issues that are affected by my bad behaviors, and unfortunately, until your back is totally against the wall, you keep doing it. I have to admit I'm a tad shocked that smoking crack ONLY gave her an irregular heartbeat and the start of emphysema. Have you ever read the ingredients in that garbage?

The way we treat the mentally disabled in this country is appalling. To shock someone SEVENTY SEVEN TIMES based on a phone call?! And one that later turned out to not even be legit? They need to shock the caller and the jerk who carried it out seventy seven times each. Sadly, the elderly are not treated much better, but they're usually drugged to death. Like my husband said, "I feel bad for anyone who has to go to the hospital and has no family member to speak for them."

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