Monday, June 16, 2008

doctor, doctor, gimme the news

I don't think I will EVER understand the "logic" of the medical community.

My father is a diabetic and every morning they give him orange juice and chocolate milk as part of his breakfast. NOT Glucerna, regular chocolate milk. An hour or two later, they come in and check his blood sugar, find it's high--big shock--then give him insulin to drive it back down. Every time I see him at supper he has a ton of mashed potatoes or pasta. Lather, rinse, repeat ALL DAY LONG. I do not understand this stupidity.

Why don't they just give him a damn box of candy and let him have at it?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

That's a cafeteria scheduling fuck up. Get in somebody's shit big time, and mention words like "malpractice" a lot. They hurry things along.:)

*Goddess* said...

The words "starving him to death" also get a quick reaction, as we found out with my husband's father.

BBC said...

Well, always changing things keeps doctors employed. Not that they shouldn't have enough to do. You know, like saving people, not that everyone can be saved, we all die someday so I don't bother with doctors.

Besides, I don't want to be 85 years old, especially if my dick has died.

Anonymous said...

The medical community does a lot which doesn't make sense, but results in job security for them, giving remedies for problems that they caused in the first place, etc. and guess what?...Most of them go to school to learn how to be this way! ...your poor father!