Wednesday, June 11, 2008

damn Japanese and their damn weeds

Awhile back, Dan'l talked about the Kudzu--yet another disgusting Japanese import-- they have growing down South. Wasn't too long after that I saw a show about a woman who takes her herd of goats to various locations in her city sbecause goats LUV the Kudzu.

To my knowledge, NOTHING eats this stupid Japanese Knot Weed. In this first picture, I'm standing BELOW taking the shot. I'm about 5'6" tall and it towers above me.

The stem is like a hollow tube filled with sticky crap. In the fall they dry up, just like corn stalks. This stuff spreads like ...well, bad seeds and is difficult to kill. The root system goes so deep that even pesticides don't do the trick. And I should know, we sprayed it often enough. I even called the County Ag div to see if they could tell me how to get rid of it and the guy said they have the same problem with it growing along the highways. Yeah, but at least they don't have it in their yards!


BRUNO said...

And, the ironic part of this story is, the Kudzu "weed" was originally endorsed by many state and federal agricultural agencies, for erosion-control alongside roadways that had problems with wash-out!

Talk about somethin' coming back and bitin' you in the ass later...!

(I just couldn't stay away from that avitar.....!!!)

*Goddess* said...

As was the Knot Weed. The Ag guy told me they brought it over to control other weeds. Sigh. Great job, guys.

Kneel before those heels;)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Bruno is absolutely right! If they'd had Kudsu around N'Orleans, they might still have a city.:) The stupid stuff we do to control other stupid things we do....

Try the most potent dose of Roundup you can find. If you can find a Farmer that uses it, and you can talk him into selling you a quart or two (they have to account for every drop; they can buy the pure stuff, not the watered down shit we have to), mix two cups of water with one quart of roundup, spray the plants on a hot, sunny day, wait ten days and apply again, wait ten more, and apply again; keep that routine up until you can't see the faintest sign of green anywhere. Roundup will go to the roots of any plant. If you have to buy that watered down shit, buy about two gallons and don't mix it as they advise, and disregard their warning "this product may actually work worse if not diluted!" It's poison for God's Sake! Like Duh!:)

We found a small plant about a foot high when we first bought this place: it's just now calling it quits after six sprayings in 90 degree or higher weather!

Or, learn to like Goat Milk!:)

BRUNO said...

Gimme a damned minute, my knees don't bend like they used to!

AHHH! OK, now I'm kneeling, my Goddess!!!

(BTW, FUTURE is right---straight Round-Up WILL do it---just don't let the DNR-agent catch you "applying" such!)

Most of all, don't get the FULL-STRENGTH stuff on YOURSELF! If you do, then WASH, RINSE, AND WASH AGAIN---QUICKLY NOW!

That stuff can shrivel a "Goddess-Knot-Weed" as well!

WEAR RUBBER GLOVES! And NOT those sissy-assed LATEX things, either....!

*Goddess* said...

Don't spray into the wind, eh, Bruno? LOL!

BRUNO said...

EX-actly---don't "pee when you fart"!!! Damn gal, wish you were crawling-distance! I could "lose" a pint or two of the stuff on my way "down-yunder" to the bootheel this weekend!

And, yeah---I caught that one-liner about Mr. G being a one-pull, or even a self-starter! Just be glad his "ignition" doesn't need to be "electrically-stimulated" to "fire"!

And, BTW, I have the PERFECT lawn-mower for him. Has little red nipple-shaped rubber "boob", that has written under it: "Push 3 times with finger before starting."

Like, what the hell else would be long enough to poke it with, while standing up? Guess I could jab a stick in my belly-button, and "cheat"....?!