Monday, May 19, 2008

you can reach right up and touch the sky

I was watching TV Sunday afternoon and saw an infomercial for the Taser C2, a personal taser. Is it REALLY a good idea for general public to be able to buy tasers OTC? What can protect you can also be used against you. How long before people are using these to rob and rape? And how long before cops are getting tased as they try take a suspect out of the car? They talk about the taser shooting some sort of identifying tag that will help law enforcement track down where the taser was sold, but that doesn’t help you, once it’s been used on you. If we’ve learned anything about guns we know that they can never wind up in the wrong hands once they're licensed. *insert eyeroll here* I know I’d feel a lot more comfortable using a taser than I would a gun, because if you make a mistake with a gun, well, T.S. Tasers allow for “do overs”. Guns don’t. BTW, using John Bunnell as their infomercial spokesman wasn’t the smartest idea. His facial expressions consist of the “I haven’t had a bowel movement in five days” grimace and the scary smile.

I love that commercial for the last show of CSI’s season. It shows David Caruso’s character lying on the tarmac and the voice over dude says, “If you’re Horatio Caine, someone wants you dead.” David Caruso’s old acting coach, perhaps? ASSuming he ever took lessons.

I watched "An Unfinished Life" starring Robert Redford, J Lo and Morgan Freeman Sunday. It was a pretty good movie, and I didn't realize that the bear in the movie, Bart, was an almost full grown bear that I had seen on the Discovery channel as a cub. He was rescued by a couple that raised other bears, including Honey Bump. What a great name.
When I last saw Bart, he was a cuddly little cub. Now he's over 250 pounds. It was amazing to watch Bart and his own play on the ground. He treated Bart no differently than someone would treat a dog. They were rolling around and playing and all the while all I could see were those HUGE claws near the guy's face. Didn't bother him a bit. I remember from the show that he and his wife would often pack up a lunch and take the cubs up on the mountain for a romp.

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