Saturday, May 03, 2008

why can't they back up off ?

I couldn’t connect to my Verizon email account Saturday, so I went to their main site and sent them an email from there. Last night when I was finally able to get my email, I found an email from them telling me that I’d have to call tech support for help. Brilliant. That’s almost as ridiculous as their message when you’re waiting for tech support. They tell you that if you’re having connection issues, you should go to their online site for help. Umm, HELLO?! If I can't connect, how can I get online to check their site?

This looks like one of THEE DUMBEST inventions yet. It’s bad enough you have the yucky sewer pipe, so what do you do? You slap three big fake rocks around it. Looks like a damn Halloween cemetery.

From the “try not to make it look obvious” file….

What in the world gives with Barbara Walters opening up her big yap about a several year affair she had with a married man in the 70‘s? Is it necessary to hurt people with this information some 30+ years later? And isn’t she the stellar character sleeping with someone else’s husband?

My boss dropped her hearing aid yesterday morning and it needs re-glued. She had the TV blasting all day. Unfortunately, it was mostly FOX news. Talk about mind numbing noise. Guess what the state of the economy is?! It ain’t good!! And let me tell you, they get great delight in telling us so. Over and over and over. It’s their fallback plan. No news? Just rant and rave about the high cost of everything, act indignant and toss in the fact that we don‘t know when it‘s going end. Then in the next story, they‘ll talk about how consumers aren‘t spending. Gee, could it be that they’ve scared the shit out of everyone?

The minute I see someone on the soaps with a gee-tar in their hand, I mute the sound on the TV. I don’t care if it is Trace Adkins. Damn you, Y&R!!

On the JG Wentworth commercial, people who have settlements and want their money in full scream out the window, ”It’s my money and I need it now!!” Wouldn’t it be more productive to pick up the phone and call JG Wentworth?

They had celeb look alikes on Family Feud today and the Angelina Jolie was a DEAD RINGER for her. Mostly of them didn’t even come close, but “Angelina” and “Marilyn Monroe” could have passed for twins of their celeb counterpart.

According to the American Lung Association, Female Offspring #1 is living in the “sootiest city in America.” Eh, what do they know? But it might explain why when she talks black smoke come out of her mouth, and it would also explain that black “Pig Pen cloud” that follows her everywhere.

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