Friday, May 09, 2008

stumbling into ecstacy

I found this article rather ironic. What I find ironic is this line: "Depression, teens and marijuana are a dangerous mix that can lead to dependency, mental illness or suicidal thoughts, according to a White House report..." (HA! They don't mention the mere presence of teens can cause suicidal thoughts in Moms!) I find it ironic because many FDA approved drugs can cause the same damn problems. Did you know that some prescription drugs can now cause symptoms of dementia? If your elderly loved one suddenly starts acting differently, CHECK THEIR MEDICATIONS and possible side effects. Plus some drugs don't interact well, and don't assume the pharmacist will catch it.

Come the fark on already. I was reading Gmail and happened to catch this URL at the top, along with something like, "Find out who your dog is related to". You can test their doggie DNA to find out their ancestry. LOL! What are they going to send you? "Your dog Holly is related to Lassie #3, Rin Tin Tin #1 and scrawny mutt that snuck into the yard and knocked her mother up fifteen times." Test your doggie DNA?! Have we totally lost our minds? On the site, it says one of the things they'll tell you in the test is your dog's makeup. "Your dog's makeup of four ancestral breeds including the following ancestors: Wolf-like, Hunters, Herders, and Mastiff." As long as she doesn't pee on the floor, I could give a crap. They send you a kit with a consent form and you have to swab the dog's mouth, just like you would a humans. I have two problems with that: a. Holly would eat the swab and b. I just know damn well she'd refuse to sign the consent form.

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