Friday, May 02, 2008

one for the road

A group against ignition interlocks for all cars is running the ad below in USA Today, along with this copy, “Ignition interlocks, or in-car breathalyzers, are a great tool for getting hard-core drunk drivers off our roads. However, activists now want to put one in every car in America. That means the end of moderate and responsible drinking prior to driving…No more champagne toasts at weddings, no more wine with dinner, no more beers at a ballgame.”

I think it totally sucks that they are making Lindsey the poster child for “hard core drunks.” Yes, she’s been arrested for drunk driving, but there are people on the roads today who have been arrested twenty and thirty times for DUI and are still driving. What about those who have killed while driving drunk? I had to laugh when the chick behind this was asked on TV today if she thought this was “mean spirited,” and she said “no.” The hell it isn’t. Let’s put HER picture on something negative like this and see what she thinks then.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

MADD started out a good group, doing a lot of good. Then they went bat shit crazy with the sound of their own music, and turned into self righteous lunatics.

There is SO many misconceptions about drinking and driving, and the term has been so politicized, that there is little hope of ever regaining common sense to the problem. One beer is drinking and driving; so's one hundred beers. Thank Political Correctness for that farce. It's generalizations like that, that are ruining a good thing, and preventing a huge problem from being be addressed.

In short, D&D is being treated like spitting on the side walk. Say no no and move on to the next problem. There is a complete lack of honest alcohol education, and even if it was there, society doesn't want to hear it. Alcohol is the legal lubricant of our society, as well as the legal "OTC happy pill", and when anybody fucks with that lubricant, folks tend to get testy in a hurry.:) That's like telling chocolate lovers it's bad for them. The response is "well yes, maybe for her, but I can handle it...", in comes denial and on goes the blinders.

We are an extremely two faced, double standard society when it comes to alcohol. As a recovering alcoholic, I can tell you so many funny stories of what happened to parties when they found out: "He's an alcoholic!!!!!", that you'd pee your pants laughing. And these are the very same people who were talking and laughing with me as they held their drink, and I my coke or whatever. I may do a post on that some day. The stories are endless, and hilarious!:) When that label becomes known, we're a whole different (two faced) society, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!