Thursday, May 15, 2008

look what else I found!

<-- This is the first book I ever bought with my allowance. My mother's sister is a nun and when we visited her at the nun factory, next to the chapel they had a small gift shop. I remember being disappointed that they didn't have one with a little girl on the cover.

I read it so much it was falling apart. Another book that I read over and over when I was little was Little Black Sambo. I was fascinated by the picture of the tiger turning into butter and I used to stare and stare at it, amazed that big cats could turn into bread spread:) I'm disappointed that I can't find LBS.

This is the last page of the book...

"The stars come out,
The moon shines down.
And off I go to bed.
Thank you, Lord, for this good day.
You gave it to me.
And I offered it all to You.
Good night, dear Lord.
Please watch over me while I sleep."


Mushy said...

Great find...wish I could find one of my story in it was about a nurse that propped up a little boy's hand every night so the angle could find him! Sniff.

*Goddess* said...

Do you remember the title?

Lin said...

You still have things from your childhood? That is really cool. (wistful envy for your nostalgic treasures)