Monday, May 12, 2008

i never knew me a better time and i guess i never will

Look what I found when we were digging for junk to toss: my VERY FIRST ALBUM!!! I loved the title--still do--and the cover concept. The couple was paying for the ticket on the front and entering the theater on the back, as seen here.

What was the first record/album/8 track/cassette/CD you ever bought? Do you still have it? And what motivated you to buy it?


BRUNO said...

I've still got a whole shit-load of 33's, and a couple-dozen of 45 singles, as well. Also still have my what-was-then "state of the art" Garrard turntable. Except it didn't "turn" for so long the drive on it dried-up and broke!

In all honesty, I can't remember which one I bought first! But one of the LAST ones' were Brownsville Station, and of course, Molly Hatchet! Hell, I've even got a few 45's of Michael Jackson, when he was still BLACK!

What motivated me? Tunes, dude! And the vibes of a biker-rally!

Oh yes---I once was "cool", even if I wasn't always "hip"!

(It's the same today---I get "cool" in the winter, and I think "hip" with every step I take....!)

*Goddess* said...

Brownsville Station? You mean "Smokin' in the Boy's Room"?? Isn't that them?

BRUNO said...

That, and the "Martian-Boogie"! Both on the same album!

Think I'll invest in a "modern-day retro" turntable again. They CAN be had, but not too cheap! Made in China, I'm sure! My old Garrard was made in England, coupled to an equally-old Pioneer receiver that still works, if I turn it off and on a few times! I've pretty much resolved to usin' what used to be called a "ghetto-blaster", before "correctness" reared it's ugly head...!

*Goddess* said...

Rite Aid was selling them around Christmas time last year. I was going to get one, then I thought about having to replace needles...and eh, wasn't worth it.

BRUNO said...

Oh, Radio Shack has stylus's(needles!)out the boo-coo ass! Not FREE, but they do have 'em! My old Garrard would work fine, if I could just find a drive belt. I tried a standard O-ring, but unfortunately they are made to SEAL, not STRETCH...!