Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i don't know how to get it back to good

We're having Clean Up Days this week in the township and after we came home from Lowe's yesterday, my husband suggested we get the junk out early. After last year when I laughed at him for saying someone might want the stuff and two hours later it was all gone, I didn't say a word.

We were lugging the stuff out and he pointed to an old dehumidifier and said, "What about this? I don't know if it has Freon in it or not." I know nothing about that sort of stuff, so I said, "Let's put it out and if they don't take it, we'll bring it back in." We carried it over the pile and tossed it on. (And when I say "tossed" I mean "carefully sat down" since the sucker weighed a ton.) We walked back to the shed, which is only a few hundred feet away, and I turned around to say something to him and a pickup pulled up to the pile. A guy got out, picked up the dehumidifier and drove away. We're both standing there, open mouthed. My husband, "Was he hanging around just waiting for us to toss out the dehumidifier or what?!" It was unbelievable. Then I MADE HIM throw out some of his beloved plastic buckets. (I don't even want to KNOW what this place is going to look like when I die. He hates to get rid of anything.) He got them from the bakery-- icing comes in big sealed plastic buckets if you want some on the cheap--and we didn't need them anymore. We must have thrown out about 60 of them because he had them stacked everywhere. (He doesn't know but I threw out some more when I got home from work this morning. And the angels sang.) This afternoon all but five are gone. Good riddance. I put out a White sewing machine that I never used. It was in good condition and in a really nice wooden stand. Somebody yanked the sewing machine out and left the stand. I'm guessing they're going to sell it for scrap metal.

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